This part of a website is always my favorite to read, however, my least favorite to write :)

Behind the lens...
I have many titles...wife, mother of three, daughter, sister, (add in-law to the ends of those last two! ;), friend...the list is endless. I am a coffee drinking, can't sit still, always on the go, lover of photography! I love to continuously learn and am getting more willing to go outside my comfort zone, in some aspects of my life... I am getting better at the being healthy part of life, although I still love McD's french fries and always will!! I look forward to going to Church on Sundays and getting recharged for the week. Any other questions just ask me.

I dream of making it "big" with my photography my definition "making it big" means being successful in a way that makes my parents proud, my husband happy and helps me to support our children!

I really like to get to know my clients so we can incorporate parts of life that are important to them. I like to capture peoples real emotions and their personalities vs the "say cheese" pose. I like to try different things, sometimes they work sometimes they don't but we will have fun in the process!

Every picture tells a story, let me tell yours.